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What You Are!

You are a Viking fighting for the right to live the rest of your days in Valhalla training for the day of Ragnarok the day that giants and demons would over come the Viking Gods. In Midgard you start off from level one and will be in one of the clans. Every clan has there territory to protect from all outsiders. All the clans are specialized in different traits but all vikings are trained and taut the traits of a viking. whether it be sailing the coast, defending a wall, raiding, or leading the assault every viking trains as hard as the next and is as deadly as the next. Only the best in each clan is granted power from the Gods and only too the true followers.

Vikings have been remembered as strong barbarians that wear horned helmets attacking the last outposts of civilization, pillaging and murdering as they went. While this is mostly true, it is just a small part of who Vikings are. They are also sailors, traders, farmers, craftsmen, and explorers with a rich tradition but they DID NOT wear horned helmets.

When making your viking make him or her more then just a really strong barbarian. Give them history and background, goals, a skeleton in the closet, and a daily profession so when it is a calm day and the birds are singing you can go do some work and roll play your character. Giving yourself this background is making your starting setting. A character is more then just stats on a sheet of paper, it also has background and history. One can not assume there character will just fit this world. A person is also defined by who they hang out with, Who they hate, who they love, and who they would die for.

Feel free to make yourself friends, family, and enemy’s and give them a description (I will make the stats from your description for npc’s). And remember when describing npc’s you are starting off at level one so be reasonable. Your younger or older brother does not have any more levels then you but maybe more or less xp. Your father will have higher levels then you but he will not save your ass. there is no room for weakness only the ones that die in combat or honorably ever make it to Valhalla.

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