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Currently this campaign is being built by the gm and the players. The main goal is to play as the owners of gladiators who struggle for the most power. I want to have the players make the npcs and help play as other peoples npc’s to make the characters for one be more targeted to what the player wants to see, second help the gm out with the huge number of npc’s he will go through. this will be do to the fact that gladiators are played like npc’s and will have lots of deaths but will have there own mindset and not simply obeying every order given to them. currently I am in the process of making this system functional and if it ends up I can not run this game I want to be able to hand over all the notes and system put together to others.

To start off here is currently where the system sit’s.

Game System:

  • DnD 4E for the battles
  • World of Darkness for the ruleplaying and out of battle parts.


  • I want to have ever changing battle fields, and letting the city’s most profitable income to be from the games played here.
  • Battles will be set up on deals made by players or randomly made by the GM (yes you can buy your field to your advantage along with weapons armor and animals)

The Crowd:

  • The crowd is a huge part of the games because if you win the crowd you win more power.
  • you can also lose all the power just as fast as it came too you. to put this into effect I am looking for a good system.
  • currently the idea is to have 10 or so cards that the gladiators can earn in each fight and the more crowd cards you have the more bonus points you have for your attacks or stunts.
  • these cards can include first blood, making it look easy, showing off to the crowd, not dying, and so forth.
  • more ideas are welcome.


  • Based on the forth ed DnD rules but taking bonuses away from the weapons and handing them to the gladiators themselfs or based on the crowd or somthing better.
  • the idea is that gladiators can pick up any weapon and use them as you never have the same weapon or armor.


  • http://tools.dungeonmastering.com/
    • attack cards can be made using this site which gives you the code to post power cards on your character sheets, items and other things.
  • Currently I am using the adventure log to put up conversations or comments.
  • To post on this game make an account and send me a message and I will invite you to my game.

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other game info

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