Current Life

last updated: Wednesday July 22, 2009



  • Take your time this does not have to be done now.
  • Add thoughts when you think of them.
  • Separate your ideas into category’s so when ideas are added they do not get lost in words.
  • I am trying to add more questions than you can answer, which means YOU DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER THEM ALL
  • Read as many as you can, the more you read the more ideas you think of, and the more depth you will give your character.
  • I suggest reading all the questions before answer anything.
  • Make sure you are making a Viking.


Every day life: Resting (Resting every day life is when you are at home eating dinner or sleeping.)

  • who do you live with?
    • what are there names?
    • how are your relations with them? do you get along, like, or hate them?
    • what would your character do if a house hold member left a few coins on the shelf in the living room for a few months and has not touched them since?
    • if house members where cleaning the house which would your character do? help, slip out the back, leave out he front, or sit in the most conferable chair while they clean around your characters feet.
  • what do you do at home?
    • how often do you include members of your house to join games or other activities?
    • what kind of games do you play at home?
    • if you had the choice to either hunt for food, work for food, work for money for food, or wait around until someone brings you food which would you choice?
    • what would your character do if a drunk wondered onto your lawn and began to defaecate on your yard?

Every day life: Active

  • do you have a routine?
    • what path do you take to work every morning?
    • how do you greet everyone on your way to work or the town?
    • while heading home your character hears a rabbit trying to free itself from a trap what do they do?
    • if you pass by a beggar what of the following would you do? comment on there problem, make fun of there situation, ignore them, give them money, kick them out of your way, or take there money.
  • what do you do for money or supplies to live?
  • what do you do with free time in the city?

Current Life

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