Example Viking

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This is where your stats go when you first make your character. After I have your character I will make a copy of your characters stats under the GM information only and then delete any number stats.

You can keep vague descriptions of your stats like.

Str very high
Dex low
Int avg
Cha high
Con very low
Wis avg

Also keep all stats that do not cause meta gaming. again stats are for the GM and the current player of this character ONLY.

A website I use to stat up NPC’s, Weapons, Ability’s, and more: GM tools

    • Level 1 kills things then gives them candy
    • death bringer
    • XP 0
    • Initiative
    • Senses
    • HP 12; Bloodied 6
    • AC 2; Fortitude 3, Reflex 3, Will 3
    • Speed 3
    • omg (standard; at-will) • flee
    • Align.
    • Lang.
    • Skills
    • Str 6 (—2)
    • Dex 6 (—2)
    • Wis 6 (—2)
    • Con 6 (—2)
    • Int 6 (—2)
    • Cha 6 (—2)
    • Equipment -
    • Created with DungeonMastering.com’s DM Tools


This website asks you questions about your character item or monster and gives you the code to make it look very nice and neat like a monster card from the monster manual. It can also give you code to make your special ability’s look like the cards from the player’s hand book. all in all I find this very useful for making things organized for stats and my use.


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Example Viking

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